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This whole day excursion aims to represent the southern part of the country – Herzegovina. Mostar is considered to be the central city of Herzegovina, and it is famous for the Old bridge as well as the whole Old Town that belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. Beautiful, emerald-green river Neretva and brave jumpers from the height of 27 meters will make a strong impression on you. As you move forward, stunning water resources of the river Buna will make you even more amazed. Take a tour with our guides and get to know famous Počitelj and Blagaj cities, both having intriguing background. Do not miss to try the lamb meat on the way there!

If You are done with exploring Sarajevo, You are ready for our most popular one-day excursion. Herzegovina tour will take You to four pearls of southern part of the city: Mostar, Blagaj, Počitelj and waterfall Kravice. Guests pick up is scheduled earlier in the morning, to catch sun rays on the way. Even though there is no highway to Mostar, we promise this is the ride You will enjoy mostly because of amazing landscapes in canyon of river Neretva. Depending on wishes of guests, we suggest visiting the most far away destination – waterfall Kravice first. If You are visiting in summer months make sure You bring a bathing suite so You can enjoy Yourself in beautiful lake under the waterfalls. On the way back we visit medieval town Počitelj, then Blagaj and its incredible and strong spring of river Buna. Lunch recommendation is right this calming and misterious place right by water, specially if You are a fish fan. Other lunch suggestions are Mostar or Jablanica (lamb meat is their speciallty, offered in all of the restaurants located on the magistral road).

The last but never the least comes Mostar, Old Town and Old Bridge as beautiful pieces of UNESCO World Heritage. In this trip we pass through cities such as Konjic (famous for Boračko Lake, rafting on river Neretva and Tito’s bunker) and Jablanica (famous for the Battle on Neretva that happened during the WWII). After such a long and meaningful day You will probably want to take a nap on the way back. We are back in Sarajevo in cca 2.5hours. We always bring some bottled water for You in our vehicles. Also, we are pretty flexible in terms of breaks and schedule (if You need some free time for photoshooting, lunch, shopping) so You get full satisfaction!

The natural richness of this region makes it worth visiting and had pushed many tourists to fall in love and come back.
1. Konjic Stop: 30 minutes.
2. Jablanica Stop: 30 minutes.
3. Mostar Stop: 2 hours.
4. Buna Stop: 60 minutes.
5. Pocitelj Stop: 60 minutes.

What¨s included:
city: Mostar,Jablanica,Konjic, Blagaj, Počitelj, Kravice waterfall
Period: Every day, whole year round.
Activity: sightseeing, driving, walking.
Departure: 8:00 AM
Included: driver, english speaking guide, car.
Sarajevo to Herzegovina




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